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Aaron Fiore


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Twitter, Facebook, Instagram: @actoraaronfiore

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 180 lbs.

Hair/Eyes: Dark Brown


Full List Upon Request

Just Another Romantic Wrestling Comedy (Feature)

Rounding First (Feature)

Courage & Stupidity (Short)

The Date (Short)

Joe The Movie (Short)

Back to Manhattan (Feature)

Misdirected (Feature)

Steam Cloud Rising (Feature)

Moral Arithmetic (Feature)

Youth of a Nation (Feature)

The Lives & Deaths of Clowns (Short)

Intermission (Feature)

The Pink House (Feature)

The Village (Feature)

Ladder 49 (Feature)

Intermission (Feature)

Marty Weinstein (Lead)
Tommy Koerner (Supporting)
Young George Lucas (Lead)

Kip (Lead)

Joe (Lead)

Jersey Man in Queen’s Park (Supporting)

Bar Guy (Supporting)
Student C (Supporting)
Officer Ted (Supporting)
Jake (Supporting)
The Man (Lead)
Evan (Supporting)

Young Pritchard’s Crony (Supporting)
Utility Stand-in
Tim Guinee's Stand-in
Evan (Supporting)

Uczkowski Productions, LLC
Rounding First, LLC
Ranchero Productions, Inc.

AMVF Productions, LLC.
Dir. Tony Gioconda

Cinemook Film Productions

Super-Nerve Entertainment
Eric Pictures
Sides Cinema
Alabama Productions, Inc.

U.N.C.W. Productions
Swan Pictures, Inc.
Asset Pictures, Inc.

Touchstone Pictures

Disney/Buena Vista

Swan Pictures, Inc.


Full List Upon Request

Forensic Files “Stitch Em’ Up” (Series)
New Detectives
(Episode #1592)
The FBI Files
(Episode #1663)
Combat Jump
(Movie of the Week)
Maury “Medical Miracles”
Life-N-General- The Series
Life-N-General Summertime
(Test Pilot)

Karmic 8 (Music Video)

Turkish Sitcom (Pilot)

Sopranos (Series)

The Wire (Series)

Joe Agofsky (Lead)
Mark Bosom (Lead)
FBI Agent #1 (Supporting)
Trooper Carlton (Supporting)
Highway Worker (Principal)
J.M. Morehead III (Lead)
B.J. McFadden (Lead)
The New Guy (Principal)

Space Alien (Supporting)

Uniformed Cop w/Beer (1 Episode)

Court TV
Discovery Channel
Discovery Channel
History Channel
Universal Television
Kearns Ent./AMVF Prod.
Kearns Entertainment
Infinity Productions

Integ Films, LLC




Full List Upon Request

Off to the Races
You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown
Egad! What a Cad!
The Sisters’ Rosensweig
Boys’ Life
Mystery Dinner Theatre
The Lunch Time Theatre

Multiple Roles
Multiple Roles

7AM Productions
Dinner Playhouse
Stage Works
Scranton Players
Keystone Theatre
Pocono’s Troupe
Guild Improve Troupe


The Girl Scouts of North Carolina, Commerce Bank, UPS, Silver Diner, Circle K Food Marts, University of North Carolina, Car Max, etc.



Master’s Degree
Delta Psi Omega
Police Officer Certification

Keystone College
National Society
WY Law Enforcement Academy


Acting for the Camera
Military Combat Technique/Ceremony
Acting Technique
Acting for the Theatre
Voice & Speech
Voice & Diction
Improvisational Acting
Scene Study
Auditioning Techniques
Commercial Technique
Teleprompter/Ear Prompter
Cue Care Acting

External link opens in new tab or windowTammy Arnold
Ed Ruggero
Gregory Bach
Dr. Sherry Strain
Susan S. Stewart
Dr. Sherry Strain
Susan Stacy
External link opens in new tab or window Tammy Arnold
Marilyn Allen
Gene Terinoni
Pat McDade/Diane Heery
Gene Terinoni

T.A.P. Studio
American Studio of Acting
Theatre at Brooks Studio
Kernersville, NC
Theatre at Brooks Studio
T.A.P. Studio
T.A.P. Studio
Kernersville, NC
Philadelphia, PA
Mike Lemon Casting, C.S.A.
Philadelphia, PA


Active Passport: Yes

No Regional Accent, Character Actor, Stunt Experience, Police Officer Certified and Trained, Safety and Usage of Firearms, Wrestling Stunt Experience, Blue Screen Experience, Licensed Driver: Automatic and Standard, Precision Driving Training, Vehicle Trailer Experience, Aircraft Tug Operation, Aircraft Fueling Experience, Snow Skiing (Novice), Baseball, Swimming, Horseback Riding (Amateur), First Aid, Custody and Control Trained, Burp, Whistle and Wiggle Ears On Command, Blow Bubble Gum Bubbles.